Formerly known as a “hidden gem” of a cottage region, the Land o’ Lakes cottage area has definitely been discovered in Covid-19 year 2021. Waterfront listings started to appear in January, generally an odd time of year to list a cottage property. Winter photos of new listings were gorgeous but only Google photos taken in the summer could help potential buyers determine if the shoreline fit their requirements & if the lake was large enough for summer fun activities. Nevertheless, the winter listings sold amid bidding wars & interest has only increased among the remaining buyers. Now that the ice is melted off all our lakes, access to & showings of waterfront properties has increased but the number of listings has not. The result: low inventory, many buyers = multiple offers & higher sale prices. It’s a seller’s market & sellers are jubilant. Buyers who don’t want to get into bidding wars might want to consider renting this year in the cottage region they are interested in buying in. Check out the lakes, the area attractions, the WiFi service, the neighbourhoods on the lakes. Meet the residents & check out local suppliers. If you enjoy the area, engage a LOCAL realtor to keep you updated with new listings. Markets change & while we can’t expect list prices to go down to where they used to be, more listings in a balanced market will mean fewer bidding wars & happier buyers.

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